Effect Creator Assertions

The expectSaga API has assertions for most of the effect creators available in Redux Saga. You can reference effect creators in Redux Saga's docs here.

  • take(pattern)
  • take.maybe(pattern)
  • put(action)
  • put.resolve(action)
  • call(fn, ...args)
  • call([context, fn], ...args)
  • apply(context, fn, args)
  • cps(fn, ...args)
  • cps([context, fn], ...args)
  • fork(fn, ...args)
  • fork([context, fn], ...args)
  • spawn(fn, ...args)
  • spawn([context, fn], ...args)
  • join(task)
  • select(selector, ...args)
  • actionChannel(pattern, [buffer])
  • race(effects)
  • setContext(props)
  • getContext(prop)

You can assert the return value of a saga via the returns method. This only works for the top-level saga under test, meaning other sagas that are invoked via call, fork, or spawn won't report their return value.

function* saga() {
  return { hello: 'world' };

it('returns a greeting', () => {
  return expectSaga(saga)
    .returns({ hello: 'world' })

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