Getting Started


Redux Saga v0.15

The current version of Redux Saga Test Plan v3 only supports v0.15 of Redux Saga.

Install with yarn or npm.

yarn add redux-saga-test-plan --dev
npm install --save-dev redux-saga-test-plan

Redux Saga v0.14

If you're still using Redux Saga v0.14, the upgrade to v0.15 should be effortless.

If you can't upgrade from v0.14, though, then you can use the latest v2 of Redux Saga Test Plan.

NOTE: newer features will likely only be added to v3 of Redux Saga Test Plan, so you should upgrade Redux Saga if you're able. I can't guarantee that I'll have time to back port features, but back port PRs are welcome.

Install with yarn or npm.

yarn add redux-saga-test-plan@^2.0 --dev
npm install --save-dev redux-saga-test-plan@^2.0

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